Wizards and muggles alike will certainly be delighted with news of a Harry Potter theme attraction in Universal Studios Hollywood set to open on April 7, 2016.

In the promotional video, Universal Studios illuminated the Hogwarts Castle in the location when they made the announcement.

Stuart Craig is brains behind the upcoming wizardry theme park seeing that he was responsible for the production design of all the Harry Potter movies. He was also the one who brought the world of Harry Potter to life in other locations, specifically Japan and Orlando.

'Opening in Hollywood will be the Wizarding World's ultimate test. Hollywood is the home of movie magic. Hollywood understands what this takes and will be our most informed critic...Film sets are very temporary, especially in the European climate. There is no requirement for permanence. This is as permanent as it gets for a plywood (film) architect. It's very gratifying.' said the production designer.

The ongoing attraction will include the enchanted village Hogsmeade where shops selling magical items can be found. Fans of the series will recognize these amazing stores as Gladrags Wizardwear, Honeydukes, Ollivanders Wand Shop, Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment and many others. Also included are the village's main inns Aberforth Dumbledor's Hog's Head and Madam Rosmerta's Three Broomsticks.

The 'Wizarding World' will also feature an outdoor roller coaster named 'Flight of the Hippogriff' which happens to be the first one in Universal Studios California. The tourist attraction will also include a 3-D HD ride intriguingly bearing the name 'Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.'

'With the Los Angeles people especially, it's important to make this the perfect rendition of Harry Potter, a facsimile of the story and films. So when people are within the park, they will be immersed in the story.' Alan Gilmore, supervising art director of the Harry Potter films, shared.