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Big Sur

The Best Waterfalls In The US You Must Visit

People who are craving an adventure will absolutely adore waterfalls. Hiking through the scorching heat of the sun or lush forests and being greeted by the rewarding sight of cascading waters should be in everyone’s bucket list.


President Obama Speaks At Yosemite National Park Marking 100th Anniversary Of The Creation Of America's National Park System

'Firefall' Optical Illusion Wows Visitors At Yosemite National Park

A natural phenomenon at Yosemite National Park attracts visitors to trek to the place once a year every February.


Discover The Azores Islands: The Atlantic Ocean’s Best Kept Secrets

Discover why the Azores Islands has been considered by USA Today as one of the Atlantic Ocean's best kept secrets.


Foreign Tourists Take Up Thai Kickboxing

Five Best Heart Stopping Outdoor Activities Travelers Would Love To Experience In Thailand

Thailand is one of the best place to experience the great outdoors. With tons of activities to do, the country offers you the best among the rest.


Costa Rica Uses 100 Percent Renewable Energy For A Record 75 Days

Five Must See Places In The World: Marvelous Attractions You Haven't Discovered Yet

There are always certain places and attraction that tourists long to visit in each country. Most of these places are usually beaches, gardens, historical sites and even mountains. Here are five marvelous attractions you might not know that existed.


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