April 13, 2024 8:13 AM

United Airlines

United Airlines' Holiday Commercial: How This Hilarious Commercial Teach People How To Enjoy Family Dinner

United Airlines' Holiday commercial teaches viewers about how to enjoy family dinner in one minute. Watch the video and enjoy.


US Airline To Charge Passengers Extra To Use Overhead Lockers

The airlines believe that by reducing the number of passengers checking bags at the gate, the company can deliver the one amenity that all customers at every price care most about - reliability and on-time performance along with a smoother boarding experience.


United Airlines New Overhead Locker Protocol Not Wholeheartedly Embraced By Many Travelers

United Airlines will be offering a new basic economy fee this 2017. Many travelers were angry for they will have to pay extra charges for overhead cabins.


Simone Biles Causes A Storm At Chicago's O'Hare Airport For Team USA Victory Tour

The four-foot-8-eight Texas native was greeted at the airport by a flood of selfie requests. Most of the excited onlookers were young fans, also training to become world-class gymnasts for Team USA.


United To Let Travelers Use Miles For In-Flight Wi-Fi

United Airlines plans to let travelers redeem frequent-flier miles for Wi-Fi on flights.


United Airlines Successful December Follows with Plans to Furlough Nearly 700 Flight Attendants

Despite merging with Continental, United Airlines is forced to furlough 688 junior flight attendants. Continental and United merged in 2010 and are yet to settle on a contract.


5 Major U.S. Airlines That Charge You Excessively

Airlines are made to give us the most comfortable experience whenever we fly to our next destination or return to a previous one. But what if the airline you are trying to book a flight with charges you with a lot of fees? Well, we found out that 5 five major U.S. airlines collected a whopping $14.3 billion of cash in fees alone. All thanks to AirFareWatchDog.com we now know which top 5 airlines are charging us more than what we intend to pay for.


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