April 18, 2024 7:47 PM

United Airlines scandal

United Airlines Caught Again In A Scandal: Agent 'Wrestled' Musician From Her 17th Century Violion

A violinist complained that an agent from United Airlines tried to take away her violin from her.


United Airlines Apologizes For Ticket Agent Canceling Passenger's Reservation Because Passenger Was Filming Her

United Airlines is apologizing to a passenger who got his ticket canceled for recording his conversation with a ticketing agent. The airline said that the incident will be investigated.


Southwest Airlines Plans To Stop Flight Overbooking

Southwest Airlines will now stop overbooking its flights along with JetBlue. The decision was made due to the United Airlines incident where a man was forcibly dragged off an overbooked flight.


Three-Foot Rabbit That Could've Grown To Be The World's Biggest Dies On United Airlines Flight

A rabbit that was destined to be the world's largest dies in a United Airlines flight. The airline company will now face a legal claim from its Annette Edwards, a breeder and former playboy model.


United Airlines Fiasco: Aftermath Of Dragged Man, CEO Sorry But Defends Staff's Action

David Dao was bloodied and unconscious when dragged by United Airlines crews on Sunday's flight. United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz though sorry, defends the actions of the crew.


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