April 15, 2024 9:46 AM


Russian Ambassador To Turkey Andrei Karlov Shot Dead By Turkish Policeman In Front Of Crowd

Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated in a photo exhibit. Assailant emphasizes the recent terrorism at Aleppo.


Five Fun Facts About Airplanes, Airports, And Flying You Would Surely Want To Know

There is indeed so much more about airplanes and airports we ought to know, here are five fun facts about airplanes, airports, and flying to keep in mind on your next flight.


Want To Travel With Your Turkey This Thanksgiving? TSA Says Yes

Are you dreaming of flying with your Turkey this Thanksgiving? Now, TSA says you can!


Turkey Advises Citizens Against US Travel Due To Trump Election

Due to the widespread of anti-Trump protest, the Foreign Ministry of Turkey has issued a warning to its citizens, urging them to avoid travelling to the United States.


Travel Tips: Unveiling Kusadasi, Turkey’s Travel Hotel Spots

Kusadasi is located on Turkey’s Aegean coast, on a bay. The large marina and the peninsula of Güvercin Adasi (Pigeon Island) is the highlight for an ancient fortress. It also has an active marine hub that was founded since 3000 B.C. Aside from its history, town, ladies beach, and nearby attractions, where should you stay in this promising place? Here are three among the most favorite staycation hotel sites in Kuşadası, Turkey.


How Safe Is It To Travel To Turkey? Tourists Warned To Stay Away From Areas Of Terror Attacks

Turkey is a well-known destination for British tourists with more than 2.5 million estimated people visiting the country each year. Vacationers travelling to Turkey have been advised to stay away from areas of recent terror attacks, particularly at Diyarbakir, after a high terror threat was issued.


Five Affordable Places To Tick Off On Your Bucket List

Unfortunately, money don't grow on trees and we have to bust our asses-off to claim whatever we want in this life. So, traveling on a shoestring budget and learning some travel hacks might cut-down your expense by half.


Beyond the Dervish: Top 4 Reasons to Visit Turkey Next Year

If there’s one place adventurous travelers need to visit next year, it’s Turkey. A melting pot of just about everything the East and West have to offer, it’s one country that leaves tourists mesmerized.


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