If there's one place adventurous travelers need to visit next year, it's Turkey. A melting pot of just about everything the East and West have to offer, it's one country that leaves tourists mesmerized.

Fancy an ultimate trip to start your year right? Here are the top reasons as to why Turkey should be your #1 prospect!

1. Accommodations are cost-effective

Believe it or not, staying or living in Turkey is more affordable than people would expect. There is good value for money for more cost-effective accommodations, compared to other countries where these hotels are pricy without enough top-notch services.

2. It's being in two places at one time.

East meets West in Turkey, as the country is literally positioned between the borders of Europe and Asia. This makes the country one of the world's most diverse places, whether it's the talk of culture, food and history.

A stroll around the streets and the public square will easily show tourists just how much of a meeting point the country of Turkey really is. It's as if doubling all possibilities and experiences one can have.

3. 'Delicious food' is an understatement.

Just as East Meets west when it comes to the culture in Turkey, a melting pot of flavors awaits the hungry travelers.

To say that the food in Turkey is delicious is an understatement. In fact, it is one of the finest when it comes to the world's top food destinations. Whether it's kabab, baklava or gyros, Turkey never fails to satisfy any palate without burning a hole in the pocket.

To best experience what the country truly has to offer, a street food binge should be in order.

4. Tourists can easily make friends with locals.

Among all the countries one will ever visit, Turkey becomes unforgettable because of the kind hearts that live there. Locals are very friendly and would go out of their way to help a lost traveler. They could also help you go to the best places to eat or enjoy the Turkey sceneries, which is nothing like any other place on the planet.