July 17, 2024 6:43 PM

Thanksgiving flights

Bay Area Airports Expect Passenger Increase On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2016 is expected to go down as the Bay Area's biggest travel holiday of all time as airports prepare for a massive increase in passengers flying in and out. The holiday has already been declared as the largest travel surge in almost a decade.


The Busiest Airports This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year will be way busier than last year. Statistics have recently revealed that travelers on this weekend will increase to up to one million. With this trend, many passengers will surely exprience long lines, busy counters, and possible delays.


US Airports You Should Avoid During Thanksgiving Week

With 48.7 million Americans expected to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday season, many American airlines and airports across the country are bracing themselves for the string of delays to come. With the highest rate of holiday travelers in years, airports are also expecting the worst delays.


More People Are Expected To Travel This Thanksgiving

Prepare yourself if you're traveling this holiday as the airlines this Thanksgiving will accommodate nearly a million more people than last year. It is a 2.5 percent increase of people who will travel and have their flights five days before the actual day of Thanksgiving. Expect to be caught in a heavy traffic on your way to the airlines on Wednesday through Sunday.


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