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(Video) 5 Of The Best Mid-Price Boutique Hotels in Milan

Looking to stay somewhere quirky in Milan without breaking the bank? Sure, you may have to stay outside the city, but you won'y have to compromise on style. Here are the best 5 mid-price boutique hotels in Milan.


USA's 5 Favourite Cocktails And How To Make Them At Home

Trust me, being able to make a cocktail is a very impressive skill and will always be a hit with a date or at a party. Since this winter seems endless, let's look forward to summer! Here are the ultimate top 5 cocktails and the recipes for making them.


You CAN Afford Barbados! Easy, All-Inclusive Holiday Tips For A Sparkling, Affordable Vacation

Barbados has long been a favourite holiday destination of the stars. Celebrities from Tiger Woods to Madonna have stayed on the island, but it's not only the stars who can holiday here. Barbados is surprisingly affordable...


Drinking In The Sun May Raise Risk Of Skin Cancer

A word of warning for all those intending to enjoy a little tipple in the sun this summer; experts are exploring the discovered link between drinking in the sun and skin cancer.


Staycation Summer - How to have Holiday Fun for a Very Small Sum

If you're finding the economy's let you down substantially this year, and you can't afford to go on vacation, take heart that you're not the only one. In my 'Staycation' articles, I'll be helping you find cheap and free ways to have fun this summer.


The Coolest Music Festivals of 2014

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock may be a distant memory, but you can still look forward to a hazy summer lying in the grass listening to your favourite bands. Unfortunately, we can't go back to hear Jimi at Woodstock (time machines are way overdue, right?), but with increasingly cheaper airfares, music festivals around the world are right outside our doorstep. A dream summer for me would be touring them all!


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