A word of warning for all those intending to enjoy a little tipple in the sun this summer; experts are exploring the discovered link between drinking in the sun and skin cancer.  

Alcohol can make the skin more sensitive to light and increase the risk of skin cancer; this can increase with those who drink more than a glass a day.  New research suggests that alcohol could stop skin from shielding itself from UV rays, leading to an increased chance of melanoma.  

More than one beer or wine a day are more than 20 per cent more at risk, with those who drink more than four glasses more than 55 per cent at risk.  This lack of protection can lead to damaged cells which cause cancer.  Drinking heavily can also cause people to spend longer in the sun, forget to use sun protection or fall asleep in sun loungers.  

Incidence rates in skin cancer have been increasing in Britain, due to differing sun habits and foreign travel.  People living in particularly hot states in the USA should aslo take extra care.  Researchers believe that ethanol is converted to acetaldehyde soon after it is ingested.  This may act as a photosensitizer, letting UV rays penetrate skin more easily.  

Experts urge people to remember skin protection when they are out in the sun and to be doubly sure they are protected when drinking alcohol.