July 14, 2024 9:55 PM

Sapporo Snow Festival

Japan Draws Flake Over Freezing Fish For Sapporo Festival

After its raucous move to freeze fish in an ice rink, this time, Japan had made it clear to continue freezing different fishes and aquatic animals as a tradition in celebrating the Sapporo Snow Festival. Animal rights activists thought that the tradition would stop after the fiasco at SpaceWorld, but the organizers of the festival pushed through amidst the clamor.


Experience The Winter Festival in Harbin, China's 'Winter Wonderland'

Harbin city, China's "Winter Wonderland" , hold its annual snow and ice festival this December up to February.


Star Wars Featured in Japanese Snow Sculpture Festival

Construction machines are usually used for moving heavy loads, excavate and many other heavy equipment functions. However, these tractors have recently been utilized by the Japanese Self Defense Force to a more artistic purpose - make ice and snow sculptures in Japan. This year, the visitors will experience an exhibit of galactic proportions with 'Snow Star Wars.'


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