Construction machines are usually used for moving heavy loads, excavate and many other heavy equipment functions. However, these tractors have recently been utilized by the Japanese Self Defense Force to a more artistic purpose - make ice and snow sculptures in Japan.

This year, the visitors will experience an exhibit of galactic proportions with 'Snow Star Wars.'

There are an estimated 2 million tourists who would desire to catch a glimpse of such icy sculptures in the annual Sapporo Snow Festival.

The Star Wars sculptures were 15 metre tall and 23 metre wide featuring the iconic villain Darth Vader, elite enemy soldiers Storm Troopers, TIE (Twin Ion Engine) fighters and the dreaded Death Star. The crystal-like masterpiece was created within a span of 1 month using 3,500 tons of snow with the help of several bulldozers and a team of sculptors.

In the 66 years that the festival has been celebrated, the Galactic Empire work of art is said to have used the most amount of snow.

Sapporo Snow Festival first started in Odori Park during the 1950s where high school students built 6 snow statues. Much to everybody's surprise, about 50,000 people came to see the sculpture festival. The snow art event eventually became a major winter exhibit ever since. It gained more reputation when it was featured in nationwide media in 1959 and gained attention with the help of international media in 1972.

The festival supports the fans anticipation of the upcoming 7th installment of the epic saga entitled 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.' Star Wars is a pop culture worldwide phenomenon that has a great impact in Japan that even a temple in Kyoto goes as far as to feature a Star Wars theme painting. Japan is sure to relate to the media franchise due to its spaceships, robots and samurai-like warriors called Jedi.