February 25, 2024 5:45 PM

russian vacations

Moscow Offers Free Books On Planes and Trains

Anyone in Moscow right now will be able to enjoy free books on planes and trains as the Russian city launched the initiative of having virtual bookshelves on both transportations. Called 'A Book for a Trip,' it was started on December at different terminals around Moscow to offer travelers an insight as well as good reads from Russian literature when they're traveling.


Mother Russia's Ice Library Now Open In Lake Baikal

A ski resort in Irkutsk Siberia has put up an 'ice library' near Lake Baikal and encouraged 1,000 locals and tourists alike to carve their wishes and dreams in any language they want. Russia's Ice Library is made of large blocks of ice in a circular shape and spans 800 square meters and is seen to boost Lake Baikal's tourism.


Rubbish Bottles Turn Russian Beach Into Something Beautiful

The shores of Ussuri Bay have been covered with gleaming colors, and we know why. During the Soviet era, it has been a dumping ground for old bottles, and what was supposed to be trash turned into something beautiful and became a favorite tourist destination.


Travel Tips: To Take Head-On An Expensive Vacation In Moscow

Moscow is one of the world's most expensive destinations. But after reading these five, you could say Russia is a bit more affordable than other destinations worldwide.


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