December 9, 2023 3:54 AM


Californian Guy Moonwalks In 27 European Destinations

Traveler Travis DeRose filmed himself moonwalking across 27 landmarks in Europe. The guy from California uploaded a 29-second video which features him dancing in several locations with some bystanders watching him.


'Centurions' Banned in Rome

The city hall of Rome has banned centurion impersonators from tourists destination, especially in the Colosseum in Rome. This is in preparation for this year's Catholic Church celebration, the Jubilee of the holy year. Rome is expecting thousands of tourists doing their pilgrimage starting December 8.


Where can you find Andrew Garfield on Vacation?

Andrew Garfield is one of Hollywood's most popular celebrities at the moment. Here is a brief article about all the different places he has been seen on vacation in.


The Travelers Today Vintage Guide To: The Best Vintage Bars In Rome

Rome, classy as it generally is, doesn't really have much in the way of kitschy retro Rockabilly vintage bars in the way most big cities do. Never fear, however, because these bars will still allow you to sip your champagne in a suitably vintage atmosphere.


The Travelers Today Vintage Guide To: The Best Vintage Clothes Shopping In Rome

There are a few good points and bad points to vintage shopping in Rome. Firstly, the vintage shops are few and far between; there just isn't really a market for vintage in Rome, as, overall, Italians prefer new over old.


Rome: Guide To The City Of Love And Rome-ance

Rome, capital of Italy, is a gigantic city, so it would be futile trying to list every must-see attraction. With Valentine's Day coming up, however, and Rome being renowned for love since the days of Ancient Rome, I thought I'd take a look at the most romantic locations that Rome has to offer.


Top 5 Layover Tips: Touring Rome in 24 Hours (Or Less)

Traveling is indeed a luxury. More often than not, tourists wish they would have more time to explore and really get the feel of a city. Others are far more challenged, with just as little as 48 hours, even 24 hours to tour one place.


Brunch in Rome: Top 4 Spots to Eat Your Afternoon Away

Known as the center of one of the world’s most powerful civilizations ever, Rome has greatly influenced the way history was written. With the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps under its heavy belt of magnificent historical spots, tourists can go beyond the sightseeing— and into eating their way to Italy’s most loved city.


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