There are a few good points and bad points to vintage shopping in Rome.  Firstly, the vintage shops are few and far between; there just isn't really a market for vintage in Rome, as, overall, Italians prefer new over old.  

The great thing is, if you're looking for vintage designer bargains and leather goods, you'll probably be luckier in these shops than any other city in the world. Here's 5 of the best vintage shops in Rome. 

Second Chance 
This little shop is a bit of a secret, tucked away down a side-street. Second chance sells only designer vintage, such as Chanel, Fendi, Tiffany's etc.  Though some of the prices are quite eye-watering, there are usually some amazing vintage bargains to be found and everything is preserved perfectly. So if you're in Rome for some designer shopping, why not try here for a unique vintage bargain?

Via del Governo Vecchio
A great little lane with a few vintage shops, this is an extremely laid back shopping experience. 
Probably the most relaxed vintage shops in Rome, if not the world, Via del Governo's assistants take regular cigarette breaks inside the shops, and you might encounter a dog or two to pet between the racks.

In January and August, this little shop in Rome has regular sales, with around 40% off.  Worth booking a weekend in either of those months to grab some vintage bargains.  

Frankenstein Vintage 
Owned by a true vintage professional who hand picks the clothing in her store, as well as being a font of knowledge about all things vintage in Rome, this is where the glitterati of Rome tend to drop off their used designer wares.  Unlike many other vintage shops, the space is clear, bright and uncluttered, with everything set out neatly. 

God Save the Look 
If you're looking for vintage without a costumey feel, then this place is ideal.  All items are handpicked to look modern chic, as well as vintage.  Think trendy and classy rather than outrageously different.