May 24, 2024 12:16 PM


Romania and Bulgaria Step Into Schengen Zone, Air and Sea Borders Open

Romania and Bulgaria joined the Schengen area, allowing air and sea travel without ID checks. They aim for full entry, despite Austria's concerns over illegal migration.


Visit Brasov, Romania, And You Will Feel Like You're in a Fairytale Scene

In Brasov, you can explore medieval streets, enjoy stunning mountain views, and taste delicious traditional Romanian food.


5 Places to Visit in Romania for Those Curious About Vlad the Impaler

Those who want to learn more about Vlad the Impaler have a number of tourist attractions to visit when in Romania


Old Castle

The Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

Throughout the years, Halloween has turned out to be increasingly operational in Europe and has been incompletely expelling some more seasoned traditions like the Rübengeistern, Martinisingen, and others. Stepping on Europe’s grounds is most likely the best spot in the world for it offers a wide range of scenes on its exceptionally little geographic region.


Top Five Reasons Why You Need To Visit Romania This Year

Romania: This often-overlooked tourist destination is a hidden gem filled with beautiful forests, elegant castles and epic mountains which makes it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


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