Sometimes, some places can astonish you with nicknames that make you wonder why. Such that Bucharest, the thriving capital of Romania, is called ''the Little Paris of the East '' - why? Well, visit these lively streets of this city, and you will find out.

Bucharest shows an amazing blend of historical and modern examples that might sweep you off your feet. Wander down its lanes, and you will find architectural jewels similar to Paris. 

Not so long ago, it was a playground of French architects who sprinkled a bit of magic on this city to turn it into a European gem. From elegant belle époque buildings to grand boulevards, the city reflects Parisian flair and makes every corner a feast for your eyes.

The Architecture of Bucharest

There is hardly a single building in Bucharest, which doesn't reflect some period of Romanian history. As Rick Steves said, this city earned its name, "Little Paris of the East," in terms of its architecture and buildings. These were constructed after the country was united as one and intended to express the newly attained national identity in the style of city construction. 

French architects were employed to ensure this dream came to reality, and to this date, some of the architecture they designed remains a pull factor for most visitors to Bucharest.

Why Bucharest Is Called ‘Little Paris’ and What You Can See There

(Photo : Cosmin ChiWu on Pexels)

A Walk Through History

Well, in Bucharest, history is very much alive, as you can see history in structures and reading it in books and documents. According to Outdoor Active, the part of the town Old Town area is especially rich in history. And what used to be a place where all important and wealthy inhabitants of the city used to assemble is now a fun place where you can find cafes and shops. 

Among the towers, one should distinguish the CEC Palace, constructed according to the French architect Paul Gottereau's project. Strolling through these boulevards, one can understand why people fall in love with Bucharest, which has a flavor of Paris in it.

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The French Art Influence

Historicism is very important in Bucharest, especially the Beaux-Arts style of French art. It has made working on many of the city's landmark buildings possible, making Bucharest distinctive. 

The Daily Beast observes that most Romanian architects learned this kind of design in Paris at the École des Beaux-Arts. It is very noticeable especially when you get to see the Romania National History Museum and the CEC Savings and Deposit Bank Palace. 

What is more important is that these buildings have a stunning appearance and embody the French influence on modern-day Bucharest.

Why Bucharest Is Called ‘Little Paris’ and What You Can See There
Romania National History Museum
(Photo : Tripadvisor)

Bucharest Today

Bucharest is now a city that is aware of where to draw the line between tradition and modernity. It has a lot of historical significance but is a good place to visit nowadays. Good shopping centers for consuming products and quality restaurants and places to party exist. 

Bucharest is a place that is suitable for anyone who desires to have a taste of other parts of Europe all at once. Whether walking through the Old Town or just admiring splendid old buildings, there is never a dull moment when it comes to the stories and styles of Bucharest.

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