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Pride Parade

Pride 2018: The Best LGBTQ-Friendly Places You Must Visit This Year

In celebration of the pride month, cities all over the world are gearing up for the Pride Parade. So get your plane tickets and rainbow-colored flags ready for these LGBTQ-friendly cities that will awaken your pride.


Playa de los Muertos (Los Muertos Beach) Puerto Vallarta - 2014

Mexico’s Most LGBT-Friendly Destination Of Puerto Vallarta Gets Even Friendlier

Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta wants to get even friendlier with its LGBT visitors.


Gay Pride

Tanzania Is After LGBT People And Cuts HIV Care

Being gay in the country proved to be a crime in the eyes of official leaders. Anyone who does sexual intercourse with a person of the same gender will be imprisoned for life.


Chechnya Government LGBT

Chechen Government Kidnaps, Murders Gay Men, Reports Say

The Chechnya government denies being involved in the disappearances of gay men in the republic. Meanwhile, the Russian LGBT Networks demanded an in-depth investigation of the incident while deploying rescue teams for the victims.


Until we all belong. The Acceptance Ring.

Airbnb Calls For LGBT Marriage Equality By Wearing Acceptance Rings

Airbnb launches "Until We All Belong" acceptance rings to promote awareness on same-sex marriage in Australia.


Best Vacation Spots For LGBTQ Members

Best Gay Destinations 2016: An LGBTQ Travel Guide

Explore some of the world's best and most fabulous countries for LGBTQ-friendly destinations, including Canada, Denmark, and Puerto Rico.


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