The world is beginning to fully learn to embrace the members of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer) community, and it's amazing. As more and more countries are granting homosexual equality, it is opening a world of opportunity for the LGBTQ traveler. Here are five of the hottest gay-friendly destinations of 2016.

First on the list is bustling Downtown Los Angeles in California. Despite the rumors about the new president-elect, Donald Trump, and his disdain for the community, California has proudly kept its rainbow flags high up in the air.

According to Orbitz, this hip and funky area is home to an array of art districts, museums, gorgeous roof deck pools, and a booming gay district filled with cocktail bars and nightclubs. DTLA is definitely a must-visit place for LGBT travelers seeking a great night out on the town.

Next up is the historical city of Copenhagen in Denmark. While this beautiful cobblestoned city is most-likely known to be the home of the Lego, it is also here that you will find the oldest openly gay bar in Europe.

Copenhagen is full of gorgeous historically rich sites, edgy fashion scenes, and of course gay-friendly spots. In fact, Lonely Planet has named this city the gay-friendliest place in the whole world. If you don't believe us, just check out the City Hall's adequately named "Rainbow Square".

Known to be the most progressive nation in North America in terms of LGBTQ rights, Canada definitely has a place on this list. Toronto, in particular, is worth mentioning. The city has a great community area known as "The Village" that will spark all kinds of interest.

Toronto's "The Village" is located in its cultural hub, Church-Wellesley. It's studded with local galleries, playful theater performances, and a multitude of gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses. The area is even home to several events, including Canada's Pride March and Pride Week.

If you're looking for something a little more exotic, then Thailand is the place to be. Though it's known for its red light districts and lady-boy shows, this Buddhist nation is actually a powerhouse for its political stand regarding the LGBTQ community.

The beautiful sights of Thailand feature several gay-friendly locations, including Phuket's gay beach. All establishments are known to be welcoming and hospitable to its gay clientele, especially after the passing of the Gender Equality Act which fights against LGBTQ discrimination.

Finally, LGBTQ couples looking for the perfect wedding destination need not look any further than the gorgeous shores of Puerto Rico. This US territory complied with the 2015 and has legalized same-sex marriages, even on its shining shores.

Other than the possibility of a beach wedding, travelers may enjoy pristine gay beaches and happy hours at open gay bars. Travelers may also enjoy walks through the rain forest, taking part in surfing lessons, and seeing the historical sites and landmarks.