July 18, 2024 5:00 PM

iron man

Real-Life Iron Man Flies Off In Jet-Powered Exosuit

A British inventor named Richard Browning invented a jet-powered exosuit that makes him the real-life Iron Man.


First Marvel Ride, Iron Man Experience, Opens In Hong Kong Disneyland

Disney's Iron Man Experience is now open at Hong Kong Disneyland and visitors can get to experience what it's like living in Tony Stark's world. Disney's first Marvel-themed ride lets people see the latest "Stark innovations," the MARK III suit, or Iron Man himself at the Iron Man Tech Showcase.


'Star Wars,' 'Frozen,' And 'Iron Man' Prosthetic Arms For Kids Now Available

A UK-based startup project intends to create inexpensive prosthetics for disabled children and changes how the disabled and the public perceive missing limbs, and Disney supports the project by donating some funds and allowing the prosthetic company to use its popular characters.


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