April 19, 2024 6:10 AM

egyptian tourism

New Ancient Pyramid Was Discovered In Egypt

The new pyramid seems to be one of Pharaoh Sneferu's attempt in building a smooth-sided pyramid.


Egyptian Tourism Showing Signs Of Recovery During 2017 First Quarter

Egyptian tourism is set to improve this 2016 with international travel agencies noting an increased number of travelers booking trips from Octobr 2016 up to January 2017, giving the country a much-needed tourism economy boost to meet its goals for this year.


Removal Of Travel Bans Help Boost Egyptian Tourism

Egypt's tourism industry conundrum is finally over -- major foreign tourism populations including Russia and the Schengen region in Europe have lifted travel bans. Analysts are positive in their outlook regarding Egypt's 2017 tourism economy.


Global Tourism Performed Poorly In 2016: Turkey, Egypt Tourism Critical for 2017

Global tourism has performed poorly despite attempts of multiple countries to raise local travel economies. A recent nightclub shootout in Turkey and poor Egyptian travel volumes spell doom for both countries' local tourism in 2017.


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