February 25, 2024 1:14 PM


Top Five Desert Trips For Adventure Seekers

If you're the type of person who seeks the thrill of the sand and rock formations, then a hike or camp in the desert would be pertinent to you. If you have a penchant for the sandy warmth and heat of this environment, then here are the five desert trips you should be making.


Climate Change Effect: Sahara Desert, The World’s Hottest Desert, Was Covered By Snow

Climate change played a vital role in drastically changing the weather's status quo.


Escape Winter with Warm Thoughts from Morocco

Morocco, the destination of Europeans. It has been the inspiration for artists and writers alike. It offers a sense of mystical adventure and is closer and safer that its Middle Eastern and African counterparts. The winters are rather mild and sunny making it the perfect escape from wintery weather and snow.


Top 5 Summer Traveling Fails

These are some things to avoid the next time you're planning a trip or are on a trip. No one wants to waste all their money on an uncomfortable or boring trip. Summer is a time meant to travel, so here are some things to avoid.


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