During one of the busiest times of travel, summer, it can either be a wonderful trip worth every penny, or it could be a complete and utter fail. Depending on the type of vacation you want to go on you have to tweak your plans. Would you like to go to the desert on a vacation during the summer? It all depends on your wants and needs. Here are some tips on how to avoid traveling fails.

1.)    Traveling to the desert. Las Vegas always advertises to come visit their city for fun in the sun during the summer. However, everyone seems to forget Las Vegas is in the middle of the scorching desert. Vegas can hit highs of 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. So if you do plan to visit, plan a lot of indoor activities, and only do outdoor activities during the late hours of the night after the sun has gone down.

2.)    Going camping and expecting your family to entertain themselves with the great outdoors. Yes, the great outdoors is beautiful and with a great big lake it can be very entertaining...for a few hours. Camping is fun for adults who can enjoy alcoholic beverages, but for your kids maybe not so much. Remember to pack lots of board games, books, outdoor games, a portable DVD player, and maybe their old hand held gaming devices.

3.)    Planning a hiking trip...in complete humidity. Hiking is so beautiful and is one of the most fulfilling work outs you can have. However, hiking during the summer is something that should be done in the wee hours of the morning. Deciding to go on a hike in the afternoon might sound like a good idea but once you start hiking up the mountain and are drenched in sweat and it's 100% humidity you might not enjoy it. Plan early hikes during the summer.

4.)    Forgetting your sunglasses. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make, because forgetting eye protection can seriously hurt your eyes.  Always keep a spare pair of cheap five dollar sunglasses in your traveling bag/car. This way you will never be without them.

5.)    Forgetting to reapply sun block. Everyone thinks for some reason that one coat of sun block will protect you for the entire day. Well, it doesn't. The little number under the big SPF indicates how long the sun block is good for. If it is SPF 30, then expect to reapply the sunblock every thirty minutes or so. Just because you buy SPF 100 doesn't mean you won't get a nice tan, it means that you can go that long without reapplying it. Always reapply sunblock because no one wants to be as red as a lobster with peeling skin for the next few days.