June 24, 2024 3:44 PM


Death Cafe In Bangkok: Lie Down Inside A Coffin And Get Discounts

People fascinated about death should not miss to visit the Death Awareness Café in Thailand. The themed café has unique items in their menu including drinks named as 'painful' and 'death' which will surely make its customers think about mortality.


Azur Air Death: Passengers Forced To Sit Beside Corpse During Flight

Passengers aboard an Azur Air flight from Antalya, Turkey to Moscow were shocked at the grim turn of events that happened only 45 minutes in the journey. The unnamed 50-year old woman suffered from a deadly diabetic seizure in-flight, ultimately leading to her demise. The members of the cabin crew were unable to help her during the said situation.


Quantum Physicist Proves there is an Afterlife

Professor Robert Lanza claims the theory of biocentrism proves death is a construct of our consciousness


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