Passengers aboard an Azur Air flight from Antalya, Turkey to Moscow were shocked at the grim turn of events that happened only 45 minutes in the journey. The unnamed 50-year old woman suffered from a deadly diabetic seizure in-flight, ultimately leading to her demise. The members of the cabin crew were unable to help her during the said situation.

According to the Daily Mail, the passenger wasn't able to bring Insulin with her in her carry-on, as she thought that were wasn't any need for it since she gave herself a dose of it before the flight. This was just an unforeseen event for both ends. The cabin crew had no choice but to lay her body down the aisle and put a blanket over her.

The pilot made the executive decision of just completing the flight to Moscow, rather than going for an emergency landing. The flight was a little bit over three hours. Passengers were traumatized at the events, and they had no choice but to sit with the body for the entire duration of the flight.

The crew had no choice to leave her body there, because it was a full flight. There wasn't any space left where the other passengers can't see the body. This event happens very rarely in flights, but if anything like this happens, they usually have a protocol for it like laying down the body in isolated aisles or if the plane is big enough, at the 'corpse compartment'.

Stuff New Zealand also reports that the passenger might also have been suffering from acute heart failure prior to the trip.

Passengers with diabetes are advised to inform cabin crew that they have such conditions. They will be allowed to carrying syringes with Insulin on board, all they need to do is to present a doctor's note.

Diabetes is a serious condition, which is why patients should always observe self-care.

Here's Youtuber T1D Lindsey's story about flying as a diabetic: