July 19, 2024 10:21 AM

Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year & The Best Places To Be When It Happens

Beijing, China; Temple fairs replete with local snacks, folk art, and traditional performances pop up outside local temples throughout Beijing each Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year Travel; Hits High Travel Records In 2017

The reason anticipated for the increase of the traveling this holiday is, the ease of attaining visas to most of the destinations. increased airline numbers and low package costs will result in seeing a lot of Chinese in the stated destinations between the end of January to early February.


Top 5 Reasons Why Chinese New Year Is The Perfect Time To Visit Hong Kong

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is celebrated on the first moon of the Lunar Calendar. Chinese New Year is one of the most stimulating and picturesque experience a traveller can take part into. Find out why Hong Kong Chinese New Year Celebrations are a sight to behold. Here are our top 5 reasons why the Chinese New Year is the perfect time to visit Hong Kong!


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