June 15, 2024 6:43 PM

brexit tourism

The Direct Effects Of Brexit To British And European Travelers

Both UK and EU travelers would face massive time delays and a little difference in their citizen rights when traveling to and from the UK and EU countries because of Brexit's compulsory renegotiation of existing travel terms.


The Five Possible Effects Brexit Has On UK Tourism

UK tourists might find it more expensive to travel in the EU -- but foreign travelers including EU tourists could find it cheaper to travel in the United Kingdom. A weaker currency, possible inflated airfares coming from and going into the country are just one of the five effects Brexit has on UK tourism.


British Could Find International Travel More Expensive Due To Failing Pound Sterling

British travelers could spend more on holiday destinations in the EU or even the rest of the world due to the reduced value of the pound sterling. But it does bring some benefits for the UK itself -- tourism has improved for the country with its more affordable services after Brexit.


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