July 22, 2024 1:20 PM

boeing 777

Qatar Airways Launches World's Longest Commerical Flight From Doha To Auckland

The longest commercial flight was recently launched by Qatar Airways, from Doha to Auckland.


British Airways Update: Airline Giant Shrinks Seat Space And Squeeze More Passengers Per Flights

British Airways is planning to “squeeze” economy passengers as it plans to add an extra 52 seats to its Boeing 777s at Gatwick from 2018. Travelers who are frequent cheap-seat flyers of the airline giant will find they have less space. Their nine British Airways 777 will have 10 seats each row starting 2018


Pilots and Passengers Recall Memories of Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 Upon Last Flight

Pilots and passengers share their fondest memories on Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 while it made its last flight.


Cathay Pacific's Last Boeing 747 Makes Its Final Flight

The last Boeing 747 in Cathay Pacific's fleet has made its final flight last September 30.


Malaysia Airlines plane en route to Beijing Goes Missing with 239 aboard

A Malaysia Airlines flight with 239 passengers went missing over the South China Sea on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on Saturday


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