Last September 30, the last of Cathay Pacific's Boeing 747s has made its historic final flight. After 37 years being an active part of the airline's fleet, the retirement has marked the end of the jumbo jet era. A lot of passengers as well as the cabin crew got a bit sentimental and nostalgic as the plane took its final descend.

South China Morning Post reports that Captain John Graham was the last pilot to lead the final flight. He has shared that he had a lot of fond memories on the plane, and on a personal note, he actually met his wife 12 years ago on the flight deck of the Boeing 747.

A former flight attendant of the 747 also shared that due to extended long haul flights; pilots and cabin crew were able to mingle with one another. These tender moments on the jumbo jet lead to many marriages and of course, divorces.

Passengers often describe the 747 as more than just a plane. It exuded grandeur and wonder, and management consultant Boris Van says that the Airbus A380 doesn't even come close.

As reported by the South China Morning Post, the jumbo jet made its maiden flight back in Aug. 1, 1979. Cathay Pacific ordered a unit back in 1978 for HK$230M. Once it landed on Hong Kong soil, governor Sir Murray MacLehose alongside a military band greeted it. It was definitely a jumbo celebration for the jumbo jet.

It had its inaugural flight from Hong Kong to Australia.

Also during this time, travelling by air was a luxury and it was extremely exclusive. Men wore suits on the flight, and people felt free to smoke as soon as the sign went off. This is a far cry to how traveling is now for many.

The Boeing 747 has been replaced by a smaller yet more cost-efficient Boeing 777. It took over the former's duties as soon as it landed in Hong Kong.

Here's the Japanese coverage of the Boeing 747's last flight from Haneda, Tokyo to HK: