June 15, 2024 6:41 AM

best recipes in philippines

The Best Filipino Restaurants In NYC (And Where To Find Them)

If you're looking for Asian meals in New York, you might be thinking of Thai or Chinese. However, it's high-time you get to explore Filipino meals.


Burgers Look Like Legos In Lego-Themed Restaurant Philippines

We've heard of a LEGO museum and an official LEGO Professor at Play, now, the Philippines has added a feat of having a LEGO-inspired burger at Brick Burger that opened last year. Burger buns are prepared like the popular toy and vary in colors that include a selection of cheesy mac or a nacho Tuesday specialty.


The Top 5 Best Dishes To Try When You're In The Philippines

Planning a trip to the Philippines and excited for some new Asian adventures? Don’t forget to try out these amazing Filipino dishes!


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