June 17, 2024 10:16 AM

bali Indonesia

Trump Hotel In Bali Moves Forward, Indonesians To 'Demolish' Trump Tower If It Doesn't Respect Local Laws

Local authorities and locals themselves said they would turn hostile against any Trump International Hotel property erected without clearance and breaks local religious laws.


Trump Hotel Will Unleash Hindu God's Wrath, Bali People Say

No building will be higher than the coconut trees on the island of Bali lest that person would want to be in the ire of the Hindu gods. Unsurprisingly, it seems like US President Trump would want to see that happen as the Trump International Hotel and Tower Bali would be building across a Hindu temple and its loft towers over a coco tree.


Travel Tips: The Best Places To Do Yoga In Bali, Indonesia

Bali in Indonesia is the best place to attend yoga classes. The idyllic scenery and the gentle breeze from the ocean and mountains inspire thousands of travelers to practice yoga.


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