July 15, 2024 1:20 PM

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Lights On! City sparkles as Vivid Sydney lights up for 10th anniversary celebrations

Sydney gets more exciting as buildings, walls, and different structure turn colorful and magical with the 10th year celebration of Vivid Sydney.


Where to See Art In Aboriginal Australia

Art lovers in Australia would likely trail along the Northern Territories to see the works and crafts by the Aborigines. The country is known for its longest continuing art tradition in the world and considered as the identity of the Aboriginal community.


Sleep At The World’s First Astrology Hotel In Australia

Do you believe in horoscopes? Whether you nodded or shook your head to that question, thank your lucky stars if they led you to The Ultimo Hotel, the world's first astrology hotel in Australia. The place does not only offer a good night's sleep, but it also curates your tours according to your Zodiac Sign.


Indigenous Artists Are Not Happy That Australia Is Selling Fake Aboriginal Souvenirs

Australia's indigenous community puts on a long, sad face on the government when it failed to promote genuine Aboriginal products to tourists. Travelers often buy these keepsakes believing the sellers to be offering authentic Aboriginal products, but it's often the other way around.


Australia Wants You To Sleep At The Sydney Opera House, Because Why Not?

When will the sleepover begin? Dozens have asked if when will the project proposed by The Sydney Opera House and Airbnb get to have the green light from the government.


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