June 25, 2024 1:56 AM


English Only Please: Five Easy Countries to Visit For the English Speaking Travelers

Faced with the prospect of a holiday blighted by broken conversation, pointing and blank stares it's no surprise some travelers would feel more relaxed visiting a country where English is widely-spoken and understood. If you'd rather leave your phrasebook at home, there are plenty of countries where it is surprisingly easy to strike up a conversation in English.


Ultra-Long Haul Flying Takes Off – The World’s Newest Longest Flight

Ultra-long-haul flights are extremely expensive to operate, and depend on relatively cheap oil for profitability. But just last week, Air India claimed it had launched the world's longest flight — though this was purely thanks to its choice of routing.


Luxury Hotels In New Zealand Tops The Luxury Hotels Awards

Some of New Zealand's most luxurious stays have received accolades at the Luxury Hotel Awards this weekend. With recognition from prestigious publications and industry peers alike, New Zealand stands out each year as a top travel destination, in Australasia, Oceania and the world.


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