April 18, 2024 1:05 AM

airbnb experience

Hotels Plan To Counter Airbnb's Presence In The Tourism Industry

The American Hotel and Lodging Association has presented a document to show their progress and steps to combat the famous rental company.


Airbnb Buys Payment Startup Tilt

Airbnb revealed today that it bought the social payment startup Tilt as what reports says to be an acquihire to expand Airbnb's travel services for customers further. The company targets to keep Tilt's app functional and retain most of the employees in the acquisition.


Australia Wants You To Sleep At The Sydney Opera House, Because Why Not?

When will the sleepover begin? Dozens have asked if when will the project proposed by The Sydney Opera House and Airbnb get to have the green light from the government.


Airbnb 'Experience' Lets Travelers Share Passions With Hosts

The company launched the "Trips" program that lets travelers book activities in the local community where they are going to stay.


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