February 21, 2024 6:56 AM

Eli Auslender

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    Europe's Hidden Tourist Gem

    When traveling through Europe, many tourists flock to the traditional destinations: London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, Madrid, etc., and visit the traditional sites, whether it’s Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower. Some might be more adventurous and take in the ruins of Pompeii, or travel to Stratford-upon-Avon to peruse the birthplace of William Shakespeare, or visit the French vineyards. It isn’t often, however, that the average tourist ventures into more unknown territory.

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    Record Numbers of Americans Are Renouncing Their Citizenship

    The American passport has always been considered as the all-access-pass to the world. Where those from other countries (such as some Middle Eastern countries) might have trouble entering other countries, the American passport is renowned for its abilities to open doors, even in countries such as The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (more colloquially known as North Korea).

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    4 Ways to Travel After Graduation and Do Some Good While You’re at It

    University seniors around the world are preparing for their entrances into post-academic life. Some graduates will continue their education and pursue advanced degrees; others secured employment for their post-graduate future, and now have only to wait until their jobs begin. Many others, however, will either take time off and travel, or search for employment. Luckily, there are ways to be both employed and see the world, typically without spending too much money.

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    Putin Comes Down Hard on Freedom of Speech

    Vladimir Putin recently signed into law a ban on 'obscene language' in arts, cultural entertainment, and similar 'events' in Russia. In addition, another law was passed recently, banning any obfuscation of the Soviet Union's role in World War II. Disputing the 'historical record' of the Soviet Union's achievements against Nazi Germany in World War II can result in up to five years in prison.

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    Traveling in London: Mind the Gap

    When taking a holiday in London, always mind the gap, as the comforting automated female voice would tell you in the Underground.

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