Want to see a whale shark in person? Their migration season around Cancun is approaching! The migration period for the largest fish in the ocean begins May 15, 2014 near Cancun, Mexico.

Throughout the summer, the Whale Sharks will be found in the Gulf of Mexico near Cancun, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The whale sharks will be munching on plankton, krill and other microscopic creatures until mid-September.

Over the past five years, whale shark tours have become increasingly popular and tens of thousands of tourists have taken snorkel trips to swim alongside these gentle giants. Besides whale sharks, snorkelers also have the chance to see Manta Rays, pods of dolphins, turtles and more.

There are many tour operators that offer whale shark tours in their feeding area in Cancun during the summer.

Cancun Whale Shark Tours is one of the companies that stands out as the company has received a top rating on TripAdvisor and has received Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence for many years.

Cancun Whale Shark Tours (www.cancunwhalesharktours.com) follows 100% strict guidelines for interaction, as set forth by the Mexican conservation regulators and it is the only tour company that equips its boats with "Prop Guards" to protect Whale Sharks and swimmers alike. Participants also use Reef Safe 100% Biodegradable Sunscreens while swimming to protect the Whale Sharks and the ocean environment.

Cancun Whale Shark Tours is also the founding member of the INTERNATIONAL WHALE SHARK CONSERVATION FOUNDATION, a 501C-3 Non Profit (IRS pending approval) dedicated to research and preservation of these endangered species, someday to be extinct, unless controls on harvesting and "finning" are under control (Asian countries are the biggest offenders).

A percentage of Cancun Whale Shark Tours goes towards the foundation. Book a whale shark tour with Cancun Whale Shark Tours for the experience of a lifetime.