Bali Medical Tourism wants in on the action as Asia continues to lead in the world's medical tourism scene. Indonesia apparently wants to enter the medical tourism game and admit tourist patients to the country. Bali medical tourism is a possible market boom for Indonesia as medical tourism itself is fast becoming a trend in Asia. Among the top ranking countries in the medical tourism scene are Singapore and Thailand, and now Bali wants to be in.

It seems like a wonderful sight doesn't it: Getting a facelift here, getting a liposuction there before getting tanned in one of Bali's beaches.

The last 10 years has gifted Asia with a spot on the top of the medical tourism scene, and it has been quick. These Eastern nations are fast dominating the industry on a global scale.

Indonesian island Bali recently opened its first facility mainly targeting medical tourists with packages and services as it aims at Bali medical tourism. The facility is named Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC) Nusa Dua. In 1998, BIMC also opened an international hospital in Kuta. The internationally managed facility  is new, offering services such as dialysis treatments, surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and dental care.

Following suit with Bali's reputation as a tourist spot, BIMC is designed to feel more like a spa or resort than a medical facility. The 50-bed hospital has a 24-hour medical emergency entrance and hotel-like foyer at the front of the building. There is also a special private entrance for celebrities who doesn't want the paparazzi knowing they are in the hospital. The hospital resort has also teamed up with nearby Marriott Bali so they could cater to patients with specific after-care services like tailor-made meals and wellness programs.

Though prospects of the hospital prospering in on Bali medical tourism seems fair game, breaking into a regional industry that already has some of the world's top international hospitals will be tough, says Josef Woodman, CEO of U.S.-based medical travel consumer guide Patients Beyond Borders (PBB).

However, PBB also said that the Indonesian island couldn't have picked a better time to get into the game.

A research by the company says, "The world population is aging and becoming more affluent at rates that surpass the availability of quality healthcare resources."

Though there are risks getting into the game, the demand for options in medical facilities are fast increasing in the world market, and more and more foreigners are choosing Eastern facilities as time is passing.

Bali medical tourism offers adds to the many options of hospitals for a potential client, however, a medical tourist should still take care in choosing a medical facility, local or international. If you are a potential client, do your research and choose hospitals with internationally recognized accreditation. In the end, it's your decision and it's better safe than sorry.