Top 5 Summer Travel Products: What you need to bring for your summer getaway.

Summer is fast approaching, and with the summer season comes much-awaited summer getaways. With your ultimate summer vacation in mind, there is a number of stuff for travel that are essential. But there are also summer travel products which are not only essential, but will make your summer travel much easier.

Below are our Top 5 Summer Travel Products based on the list made by Budget Travel that will make life easier and more memorable. 


Because large towels are bulky and take forever to dry, these ingenious beach blankets made from nylon parachute material are your perfect alternative. Not only do they dry in minutes, but they are mildew resistant, and they can stay cool to the touch even in the blazing sun.


This is one of the summer travel products that's very useful in case you're heading anywhere it's known to be rainy. Rainraps keep you dry, are reversible and waterproof, and is one-size-fits-all cover that weighs 8.8 ounces. They are available in your choice of 10 different color combinations at


Kanex mySpot is perfect for the techie traveller. If you can't pull yourself away from your phone, this device is especially ideal if you're tired of looking for a secure Wi-Fi network during your travels. This gadget creates a wireless network from your standard hotel Ethernet connection, which effectively gives your devices a stable network even on the road. Kanex mySpot is available at for $49.


For the bookworm, KlearKase for Kindle Fire is your go-to product during travel season. It's beach-friendly because it's made from the same tough, transparent polycarbonate used in F22 fighter-jet windows. It can take scratches, splashes, and errant grains of sand. When you buy this summer travel product, it even comes with a carrying case. You can buy this on for $30.


If you're that type of traveller who can't get enough of swimming with the fishes, then this summer travel product is your best friend. Holding a water proof camera while enjoying the presence of colourful fish can be tiring. The Explorer Series snorkel-mask camera can help you with that. This camera makes taking clear, five-megapixel photos and videos a hands-free snap. The camera from Liquid Image Works can be used up to 15 feet underwater. Plus, it comes with a 2GB micro SD memory card. You can purchase this nifty gadget at for $49.

The Top 5 Summer Travel Products are now known to you. But whatever you bring during your travel doesn't really determine whether you'll enjoy your travels to the fullest or not. These gadgets are simply a way for you to better enjoy your vacation. In the end, it's all up to you to take risks and gain new experiences which will make your summer travel truly unforgettable.