A rather frustrated punter has contacted trading standards to complain about a prostitute who wouldn't have sex with him.

The man from North London emailed the council after being rejected by an Eastern European prostitute. 

"The gentleman seemed very aggrieved.  He told us he had been refused and was very angry.  He insisted prostitutes should be held up to Trading Standards." A source told www.getwestlondon.co.uk

"The man had travelled from a neighbouring borough in North London, so was obviously a bit upset by his wasted trip.  He filled in the form very seriously and gave us his contact details."

Conservative counsellor, Susan Hall, said: "Prostitution may be the oldest profession in the world, but this is a new one for us.  The Trading Standards manual doesn't really cover it.  Perhaps he might enjoy some of our more wholesome pursuits like out lovely parks and historic churches."

This comes a week after a man in Solihull, Uk, called 999 emergency services to report a prostitute to the police for being ugly, wondering if he could sue her for Breach Of Sales act. 

Though the man was breaking the law for soliciting for sex, the operators tried to muffle their giggles as he bitterly complained down the line that the prostitute should be investigated for misrepresentation, then threatening to come down to the station to discuss the matter in person.

In the call, the man says the prostitute got her 'knickers in a twist' when he refused to have sex with her. 

"Give me an honest description, or I won't be using your services," he added.

The police have released a tape of his call to 'highlight regular abuse' of the emergency services number.