The UK has held its first Church of Scientology wedding, recognising the belief as an offical religion. 

Beloved by celebrities, but generally viewed with suspicion at best by the general public, the Church of Scientology, founded by sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard, is still trying to gain acceptance with the public after a couple became the first in Britain to marry in their chapel yesterday.

Louisa Hodgkin and Allesandro Calcioli won a bitter legal battle for the right to marry in accordance with Scientology rites and customs of the religion after the Supreme Court ruled the chapel could be classed as a place of religious worship, despite Scientology not having a 'supreme deity'.

Louisa and Allesandro were 'proud' that the five-year legal battle brought them victory. 

"Our victory brings an end to inequality and unfairness, not just for us Scientologists, but for people of all faiths."

Scientology puts forward the theory that people are immortal aliens, known as 'Thetans' and devotees will be taken to a landing station on Venus to be re-programmed after their physical body dies.

Despite their, some may say, 'out there' beliefs, the wedding was surprisingly traditional, with the bride wearing a white dress and train and the groom in a suit and tie. 

The couple were married in Blackfriar's, Lancashire, UK.