If you fell in love with the raved-about Lego movie at the weekend or even if you're sick of your kids playing with something once and then tossing it, then this service could be perfect for you.

Pleygo lets you keep your little ones constantly amused and also keep the playroom mess to a minimum.  The service, which works like a Netflix service, allows you to rent different Lego sets.  Once the sets have been thoroughly played with, you simply put the pieces back into the box, like a rented DVD, and send it back to Pleygo.

All you have to do is subscribe, then create a wishlist, then the first available set will be sent to you, keeping your little one in new sets, but their toybox from bored-with, played-with sets.  The Lego will be sanitized back at the company for the next child and then you'll receive the next set in the queue. 

There is no extra charge for a few lost pieces and each set contains a bag of spares. 

If you have any extra sets lying around, you can also send these in to earn credits towards the cost of your membership, allowing you to get rid of any unwanted toys, while giving other children the opportunity to play with them.

leygo costs from $15 a month upwards.