Jordan Davis, who lived as a boy until a year ago has been subjected to bullying and death threats, but says this makes her even more determined.

Jordan, 17, from Radford, UK, has reached the finals of Miss Coventry, beating more than 300 other girls.  Jordan is the first ever transgender contestant in the Miss Coventry competition and the second in the history of Miss England. 

Despite reaching the final, Jordan has been the target of internet abuse and bullying, with some threatening to kill her. 

"I wanted to give a voice, provide advocacy and become a role model for the transgender community.  I was expecting abuse, but not as bad as this.  I felt it was important to make a stand, though.  To say you can define beauty in many ways.  You don't have to look or be a certain way to be beautiful."

Despite the threats, Jordan has praised the competition for boosting her confidence and rubbishes the idea that the show is "sexist" and that she has had great support from everyone involved. 

Jordan says she would encourage others in a similar position to follow in her footsteps and try to achieve their dreams. 

"Don't be afraid and don't waste your life.  Don't waste a day, because a day turns into months, months into years and you will regret it."