If you're eager to engage in a unique experience of music, media, and film, travel to the 2014 South by Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas on March 7-16.

The music portion, which spans over the course of 5 days, is truly a one of a kind experience. Any music fanatic's ears would be inundated with the myriad of musical talent that encompasses the music segment of SXSW.

What sets it apart from other music festivals is that the acts are not limited to one prime location. Bands showcase their musical prowess in every corner of Austin; delivering their melodic tunes to fans in a range of sites, such as local bars, commercially sponsored venues, restaurants, and pretty much anywhere bands can set up with an approval.

SXSW largely remains a mode for unknown artists, or artists with a small following, to gain industry recognition. However, it is also prominent for announcing secret shows from huge names in music hours or days before they occur, making the event even more exciting each year. Many of the shows are free of charge or a small cover fee, but in order to get into the larger venues a SXSW wristband is necessary.

Keep and eye out for free shows, day and night parties, and cool stuff to do for free via Instagram and Twitter!

8 Must see places while in Austin during SXSW:

    1. Barton Springs

    2. East and West Sixth Street

    3. South Congress Ave. (SOCO)

    4. Lady Bird Lake

    5. Mount Bonnell

    6. The Drag and the University of Texas at Austin campus

    7. The Blanton Museum of Art

    8. Rainey St.

Make use of your time in the live music capital of the world!