Can you imagine anything better than relaxing in a thermal spa right now? Iceland is the perfect place to chill out and observe the wonders of nature.  

Iceland is a beautiful place, a volcanic island under dramatic skies, with natural thermal spas and lagoons. 

Outside of Reykjavik, Iceland has so much to offer; Blao Lonia (Blue Lagoon) is a massive, blue-green, thermal spa lake that claims to heal, as well as provide comfort and heat, 45 minutes drive south of Reykjavik.  The pool itself is flied with sea-water, silica mud and blue-green algae, with a gentle mist lying on top.  The water remains at a constant 34-36 degrees centigrade.  

A whole range of spa treatments are also available on the site.  

Two-hours south of Reykjavik, there stands another breathtaking natural spa.  The sulphur stench here can be overwhelming, but since an earthquake in 2000, the lake has been shrinking in size each year.  One day, it may be gone completely.  

A lengthy path from Krisuvik lies Geyser, which gave the moniker to all thermal eruptions.  North of this, Gullfoss's beautiful waterfalls is carved out of the plateau.  

Getting to Iceland is now extremely affordable.  Icelandair flies direct to Reykjavik from many UK and USA destinations.  

The spa is open from 10am to 8pm in the winter and 9am-9pm at any other time.