A sad end to a hopeful tale we've all veen wondering about; missing travel blogger Leanne Bearden has been found dead in Texas.  Authorities say she was hanging in a tree.

Leanne's body was found in a wooded area near to where she disappeared last month.  The 33-year old's body was found on Thursday and her identity has been confirmed by her family and friends on their Facebook page.

Her body was discovered by a man in Garden Ridge, who called the police, who identified hedr by her backpack.  Authorities are saying at this early stage that they do not suspect foul play, but will not know, of course, until a full autopsy's been conducted. 

Leanne was a popular travel blogger, who has spent the last 22 months travelling the world with her husband, Josh.  She's climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, swam in the Dead Sea and attended a traditional Italian wedding.  

Leanne went missing after going for a walk, and telling her family she'd be back within an hour.  Leanne's husband reported that she was carrying $60 in cash and several credity cards along with her backpack, which contained several energy bars.

The general consensus among family and friends seemed to be one of hope; that she'd left of her own accord, because of problems adjusting back to a normal life in the USA.  

"The pressure of returning to a 'normal' life life seems to have left her vaery stressed, and very, very anxious," said a family member. 

The couple had been due to return to their home in Denver, to start looking for full-time jobs.  

She was reported missing by her husband after she hadn't returned for four hours.  At around that time, his parents returned home from an out-of-town trip. 

Troubling news for those of us expecting something hopeful.  

Leanne was found only two-blocks from her in-laws home, in an undeveloped wooded area behind a house.  The area had already apparently been searched numerous times.   

What a tragedy that Leanna travelled the world for two years safely, and has now been found dead only a couple of minutes from her home.