A twisted loudspeaker message on a Belgian train suggested Jewish passengers take a shower at the former concentration camp. 

The announcement is believed to have been the work of teenagers who stole the keys to the loudspeaker.  

The incident, which took place on January 31st, prompted the rail company to file a complaint with police over incitement to hatred.  

According to witnesses, the teens gained access to the system during the rush hour, at 5pm, on the journey from Namur to Brussels.  The announcement said in French: 

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching Auschwitz.  All Jews are requested to disembark and take a quick shower."

This is not the first time this has happened, however; in 2012, an announcement on the same line: "Welcome to this train heading to Auschwitz.  All Jews are requested to disembark at Buchenwald." 

Forgetting for a moment why a train heading towards a Concentration Camp in Poland would need to drop off passengers in Germany, the company is said to be "deeply embarrassed" over the security breach.  

Thierry Ney, a spokesman for the train company said the announcement would be met with a fine or time in jail.

"We condemn the abuse of the intercom and the words spoken," he said.  

Millions of Jewish people were transported to the camps by train during WW2.  They were herded into gas chambers disguised as shower blocks and killed by the thousands.