What do you do if you're a sports company looking for a new brand 'face'? You reach out to social media, hold a competition and if all's right with the world, then you'll have a trendy new brand icon with a cool polo top, skinny jeans and a Shoreditch haircut, right? Ummm...well...

JD could well be eating their words now, as pranksters have hijacked the compeition.  

"Hair entusiast" Rake Ali is leading the voting by almost 2000 votes after an online campign has encouraged amss voting for the rake-haired ladies man. 

Rake Ali is a self-confessed "Hair enthusiast that gets all the chicks.  My haircut is one of a kind and looks like a rake." 

The Rake Ali meme has spread quickly around the internet, with the rake haired lothario totting up over 9000 votes in total.  

If he wins, he will enter a casting call to get his face on JD's billboards and advertisements across the country.

The entrant is the brainchild of Ryan Coutts, from Falkirk in Scotland.  He noticed Raza Ali's distinctive haircut when he uploaded it to a group 'Splitter Scuffers', that Ryan belongs to on Facebook. 

"The whole thing started out as a bit of a joke between us friends, and then it escalated," he said.

Ali is said to be 'cool' with the campaign and is anxious for people to keep voting to keep him on top.

Would you like to see Rake as the new face of JD? You can vote for him here!