Before, honeymoons usually tend to be relaxing and romantic in the old-fashioned sense. But nowadays, it seems that more and more honeymooners are craving for that taste of adventure in their holidays.

According to Australian travel agents, "romantic" rendezvous are a thing of the past as honeymooners want to stuff their holidays with richer cultural experiences. Exotic locations are also included more in their bucket lists.


A leading agency even said that they're very much willing to spend near double the amount they spend on regular holidays to ensure they get the "honeymoon of their dreams."

This attitude shift amongst newlyweds just goes to show that many aren't content on just lounging by the pool or the beach when it comes to their honeymoon trip abroad, Phil Hoffman Travel chief executive Peter Williams said.

The usual favourites are the US and Europe, but countries like Vietnam, Africa and Greece are starting to increase popularity.

Williams said, "There is a trend towards more experiential honeymoons. What they're looking for is a cultural experience ... a combination of relaxing, culture and experiences is far more important." He also adds "Also giving back to the community - hence locations like Vietnam and Africa,''

Hawaii has also been rising when it comes to honeymoon travel destinations as there have been an increase in Australian dollar currency.

Adelaide Travel owner Kaye Pridham said her clients either want a relaxing getaway or a more experience-based one. Other types of travel mode which have enjoyed an increase in sales among honeymooners are the European train and cruising industry.

Honeymooners spend an average of $12,000-$15,000 on their trips nowadays. This is a big difference when compared to what people spend for normal holidays which range from $6000-$8000.