The 38-year-old, who retired last year plans to recruit some of the best players for the MLS team and said he would like the team to be "loved by millions".  Beckham says he will also have a multi-million dollar stadium custom-built to hold the MLS franchise.  

"I want to make this my own MLS team." said Beckham . "This is an exciting time for myself, my family, my friends and partners, and it is something we are really looking forward to bringing to Miami.  We're planning to bring an MLS team that will be a global team. I want to create a team that we can start from scratch and I am going to work hard for this city to make this team very successful. It is an exciting time.  I have worked with some of the biggest clubs and greatest players and this is a dream."

Beckham's option to buy an MLS franchise is believed to have been a part of his LA Galaxy signing package.  He also plans to set up a kids' academy as part of his MLS franchise to train new players. 

Beckham would not divulge any of the names he plans to sign to the team and Basketball star LeBron James is said to be a keen investor in Beckham's MLS franchise. 

The Major League Soccer franchise consists of 19 teams at present.  The last Major League Soccer franchise in Miami folded around ten years ago with a loss of $250 million after four seasons, due to poor attendance, but Beckham's star quality is sure to help launch this incarnation firmly into the public sphere.