February is the perfect month for venturing to Big Sky, Montana, home of the ultimate private ski and snowboard haven. Yellowstone Club offers elite members, such as Bill Gates, an eventful, family-friendly environment and their trademark -- Private Powder.

The upscale club, often known as YC, creates perfect snow-topped mountains for picturesque skiing, snowboarding, and tubing.  The club is home to an eclectic crowd, ranging from some of the world's most powerful people, to trust-fund kids and even celebrities such as Justin Timberlake.  Just a few years ago, Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel in this cozy, private resort.

The site hosts an enormous main lodge with a lively staff who seem to create a new theme, event, or showcase complete with song and dance each day.  Besides ski lessons and theme parties, guests have the option to relax in the home theater.  Strange spectacles entertain guests, like the random appearance of the larger-than-life-sized blowup champagne bottle gliding down the mountain as guests raise their hot cocoa and cheer with encouragement of the glowing staff.

The private mountain is home to many identical upscale log cabin castles with $30,000,000 price tags.  The club is exclusive and caters only to members and guests of members, offering breathtaking views from an obscenely high elevation of nearly 10,000 feet. Club visitors can literally feel the Big Sky altitude at Yellowstone Club.  They can also feel the understated, unique personality of the club.  Although the demographic invites a particular economic stratosphere, YC is actually not an elitist place.  It's an elysium of sorts where members engage each other and feel gratitude for their hidden retreat in the Rocky Mountains.