Videos have started popping up on youtube of what is thought to be fake chemical snow, after it fails to melt under a lighter.

Many people in the south are freaking out over the fake snow because they're not used to it, so conspiracy theories are starting to run wild. The theory is that the Government are trying to push a climate change conspiracy with chem-trails which is raining down as fake snow.

Many people think the fake snow has been geo-engineered and videos have surfaced of the snow not melting when it is exposed to a lighter. A comment on the video of the fake white stuff claims "There is geo-engineering all over the world that we don't know about."

Meteorologist Mike Stone explains, however, that the way the heat is applied to the fake snowball is making the snow vaporize, instead of melting. This is known as sublimation, defined as a 'conversion between the solid and the gaseous phases of matter, with no intermediate liquid stage'. The black marks on the snow are caused by butane from the lighter being held so close to it.

Ah, not so much a conspiracy after all! Disappointingly enough, there is a rational explanation. Still, you can understand the confusion; many people in the south have not even seen snow in their lives.